AMSAT INTERNATIONAL manages international marine and maritime projects and provides technical capacity building services. We identify, design, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate capacity building projects throughout the Indo-Pacific region to develop the capacity of our clients, partners and project stakeholders in accumulating knowledge and implementing science and technology solutions. We work in partnership with the Australian and overseas government, academic and private sectors to strengthen capabilities in a wide range of disciplines and sectors and to develop sustainable linkages. Through close and creative engagement we assist stakeholders to develop strategies for international cooperation activities. We employ proven collaboration tools and apply recognised analytical and design approaches.

AMSAT INTERNATIONAL is a private, unlisted company, incorporated in Australia in 2005. It builds on the experience and achievements of AMSAT Ltd since 1989. Working through a network of offices in Asia the company assists stakeholders to cooperate strategically in capacity building through:

  • the identification of needs, technical solutions and financing sources,
  • development of project concepts, designs and funding proposals, and
  • implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Our corporate values

AMSAT INTERNATIONAL is committed to excellence in project management through:

  • honesty and professionalism, corporately and individually
  • positive environmental and social impacts from all project activities
  • active cross cultural engagement in all corporate and project activities
  • gender equity in project planning and implementation, both strategic and practical.

Corporate social responsibility

Through our long term involvement in development programs and projects we understand the real needs of people in developing countries as they strive to escape poverty. To help them to achieve this we donate a percentage of our company profits to charitable organisations and other suitable institutions/individuals who advance our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives of serving global communities.

Professional affiliations

  • Australian Institute of Project Management
  • Australian Institute of International Affairs
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Australian Association of Maritime Affairs
  • Australia Indonesia Business Council
  • Canberra Business Council