Indonesia Australia Maritime Safety

The Indonesia-Australia Maritime Safety Partnership has been implemented over the past decade by AMSA and its Indonesian counterpart DGST.  Through this partnership AMSA assists DGST with reform of domestic and international maritime regulation for vessel construction, equipment and operational standards (including review, consultation, drafting, approval socialisation and training), safety inspection training (including Port State Control and the domestic NCVS safety standards), pilotage management and vessel traffic control services.

The partnership has delivered strong outcomes in terms of formal regulatory change, institutional capacity to implement reforms and practical technical capacity among staff employed across this archipelagic nation.

The development, adoption and implementation of a single standard covering all domestic shipping, replacing numerous inconsistent rules and regulations, has been an outstanding achievement of the partnership, one which continues to contribute to safer travel for the many millions of Indonesians who regularly use maritime transportation.

Several thousand DGST staff have been trained in areas such as safety inspection, dangerous cargoes, safety standards, life raft installation, and vessel traffic management.

Throughout this partnership, since 2008, AMSAT International has provided continuous dedicated, professional technical assistance, capacity building and project management services.