AMSAT INTERNATIONAL provides technical, management, advisory and support services in the international development assistance sector in three complementary ways:

  • assisting Australian institutions seeking to engage in international development with strategic, operational and project delivery services,
  • assisting developing country partners to collaborate with Australian technical providers and relevant donors, and
  • assisting citizens of developing countries to access Australian education and training.

We work in partnership with Australian government agencies, overseas governments, non-government organisations, academic institutions and the private sector to strengthen capabilities in a wide range of disciplines and sectors and to develop sustainable linkages.  We favour proactive over reactive approaches, creating opportunity rather than passively responding.

Through close and creative engagement we assist clients to develop and implement strategies for international cooperation activities.  Depending on the client requirements this can include the full spectrum of project development and management services, from simple logistic support to primary responsibility for delivery.  In addition we can provide support for partners seeking to establish themselves in new markets.  This can include: staff recruitment, hiring and management, procurement, event management, relationship management, market intelligence gathering and accessing of other services (e.g. corporate, legal, taxation, accounting).

We identify, design, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate capacity building projects throughout the Indo-Pacific region.  Specifically, we:

  • identify needs, technical solutions and financing sources,
  • develop project concepts, designs and funding proposals, and
  • implement, monitor and evaluate successful and worthwhile projects.

This involves careful matching of the recipient country’s development needs, the Australian partner’s technical capability and the donor’s priorities and criteria.  We have over 25 years experience across multiple sectors, countries, donors, project types and scales.

Our projects generally involve combinations of natural sciences, engineering, social, regulatory, economic and planning skills. The quality of our work is strongly supported by the technical and project management expertise of our staff.