Project management

AMSAT INTERNATIONAL has broad and extensive experience in all key areas i.e. in project coordination, in policy development/advice and in training. We manage programs and projects throughout the project cycle – from concept to project delivery to evaluation.

AMSAT INTERNATIONAL’s particular skill is its ability to access and manage Australia-based expertise into complex, multi-agency, multi-sector overseas projects. In this context, the staff of AMSAT INTERNATIONAL including its precursor AMSAT have assisted many regional and multilateral agencies including ASEAN, APEC, UNEP, SOPAC, SPREP, UNESCO, UNIDO, IMO, IUCN, WMO, IOC and IHO to design and define their respective work programs to ensure program complementarities to avoid duplication of effort and to contribute to international experience and data exchange. Inter-agency relationship management is often the key factor in successful overseas project delivery.